Building for a season of longer rallies

By Enrique Dominguez

Staff Writer

One of the priorities of the girls’ tennis team is to increase their in order to build their strength and tolerance. Head Coach Evan McFadden wants his team to push themsevles towards their limits to improve.

“We dropped the ball a little bit last year. We need to do conditioning, so we’re ready for our conference play,” McFadden said.

He said that he wants his girls to have a bigger turnout each year, so they can be at their best.

“A lot of girls come out usually, and they want to have a rewarding experience for them and make it positive and life-affirming,” McFadden said.

Senior Revekka Shiryayeva almost experienced state last year after being in tennis since freshman year.

She wishes to represent the school and tennis program this year at state.

“I was one set away from state last year, so hopefully I could really focus on my skills and take them to state,” Shiryayeva said.

In addition, Shiryayeva also stressed on the fact that she wants to improve on her serve.

“Unfortunately, my serves were not as good and as powerful as I would like them to be,” Shiryayeva said.

Sophomore Leslie Paredes-Torres has been playing singles since freshman year on the varsity team. Recently at Benson High School, Paredes-Torres played as third singles.

“If you play singles, you’re relying on yourself and yourself only, but if you are in doubles, you just rely on your partner,” Paredes-Torres said.

“I expect my team to do really good this season. I see people getting really far in districts because we’ve been working hard,” Paredes said.

In an attempt to lengthen their season by going to state, Paredes-Torres said the girls have focused on conditioning more than before. She also has a larger personal goal this season. With a different mindset and focus, she wants to have different results at tennis districts.

Parkrose High School continues to host 5A Tennis Districts. This year, it takes place May 8 to May 10.

“I expect my team to do really good this season. I can see people getting really far in districts because we’ve been working hard,” Paredes-Torres said.


By Pavel Nikintin


Aiming to “net” another win

The spring season is on the verge of starting, which means the tennis team is reunited. Last year, the team had their best run in history, tying with Wilsonville High School and La Salle High School for first place in 5A league. Though it is the start of the season, the dreary days have held the team back from practicing on the courts. The team has held practices indoors, and recent games have been cancelled.

Last year, sophomore Minh Le won first place with partner sophomore Vynorton Nguyen in the 2016 JV championship tournament for doubles. The tournament was hosted by La Salle, Wilsonville and other schools in the 5A bracket.

“Tennis has made me try new things. It’s a good sport to create motivation and inspiration,” Le said.

Senior captain Ngan Nguyen quit track his sophomore year and started playing tennis. He was new to the sport, and he went off to play quaterfinals in districts last year.

“The feeling of when you just rip a forehand or backhand. It’s just enthralling,” Ngan Nguyen said.

He has plans to keep improving on his skills.

“My weaknesses is my mental game is not all there,” Ngan Nguyen said. “I constantly beat myself up so it will cause me to lose a match.”

The team welcomes new members, and would love support during their matches.

“Our team is rather welcoming and inviting toward new people. We always hype up the new people at practice and games,” Ngan Nguyen said.


By Parker Trevillyan

Breaking records at state

Breaking records at state

Despite the regular season ending with the boys’ basketball team ranked at 14, the team managed to plow through state playoffs with renewed strength, first winning against number 3 ranked Springfield and then number 6 ranked Crescent Valley.

“We weren’t a full strength until playoffs,” senior Thomas Grant said. “Neyshawn didn’t get cleared until the second half of the season, and Will’s first game back was out senior night.”

Semifinals followed up those two games on March 9, which resulted in a disappointing loss against Churchill High School. The team then went on, instead, to the fight for third place against La Salle, a team they had lost against in the regular season. After an engaing four quarters, Parkrose beat La Salle 76 to 69. The third-place finish, though not what the team initially wanted, would break the decades-long streak of being unable to place in the top three.

“Not [winning state] was disappointing, but we went out and balled out as brothers the last day and were able to beat a good La Salle team that had our number during the regular season,” Grant said. “[It’s] the best Parkrose has placed in over 30 years.”


Photo By Monica Maya