Seniors open season with close losses

By Kylie Storm and Kiara Johnson

Editor-in-Chief and Sports Editor

Of the nine players who make up the starting line-up this softball season, five are seniors: Erica Anyanwu, Olivia Emmons, Hannah McKee, Sara Schommer and Shaianne Stanley. Several juniors also make up the team along with a couple of freshmen.

Because there were no seniors on the team the previous year, this year’s team is largely the same as last year’s, with many experienced players who have played together for years.

The team’s two losses so far this season were both very close games. The team fell to Lincoln High School on March 16. The game ended in the ninth, with Parkrose losing to Lincoln by only one point, 10 to 9.

On March 20, the Broncos lost 6 to 5 against Madison, going into overtime.

“We weren’t really working as a team as we usually do because of the weather, plus we got there a little bit late, so we couldn’t warm up as much,” outfielder Anyanwu said.

However, one highlight of the game was when Stanley hit a home run.

Stanley, who is a pitcher and third baseman, said that her last season’s highlight was a home run against La Salle. With another huge hit so early in the season, expectations are rising for Stanley.

“We plan to keep playing the game the whole way through and not slack off during any innings, because that gives up a lot of runs to the other team,” Stanley said.

“We were really close in a lot of games last year, and I’m hoping we can finish the game and not slack off,” Stanley said.

Emmons, the catcher, spends her off-season time playing with a club softball team in Gladstone, Oregon.

Emmons has been playing softball since a young age and expresses her commitment to the game by playing nearly year-round.

“This year will be more of a success than the last,” Emmons said, referring to their lack of wins with last year’s season.

“[I’m] looking forward to a lot of wins,” Anyanwu said.

Anyanwu has also been playing softball since a young age.

“Ever since we’ve been playing together since we were younger, we know how to work together as a team,” Anyanwu said. “We may get frustrated with each other at times, but we know how to bounce back and when to come together again.”

McKee said, “The program has changed with people coming and going. The seniors usually lead the team and set the team dynamic, so [it’s] always different.”

All five seniors have played softball together ever since a young age, so the bond they have is tight.

“Our core group of seniors have been playing together since we were little,” McKee said, “and I’m very happy to be finishing my last year of high school softball with them.”


By Kaleb Gembremedhim


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