Perks of the Rose Princess

The auditorium erupted in cheers on March 13 as senior Mayranni Cervantes was announced as this year’s Rose Festival Princess after weeks of competition. Cervantes joined in a group hug with the other three seniors who made up Parkrose High School’s Rose Festival Court: Kaitlyn Moore-Carter, Alillith Fernee and Monica Pettigrove.

“She won! Proud Mama!” Mayra Cervantes, Mayranni Cervantes’ mother said on a Facebook post.

In Mayranni Cervantes’ speech to the school in an assembly on Feb. 26, she talked about her grandfather in Mexico and learning to make the most of what you have in life.

From here, Mayranni Cervantes will be attending meetings throughout April before beginning five weeks filled with community events and other volunteer activities. She will receive a mentor and a $3,500 scholarship for becoming a Rose Festival Princess. In June, Mayranni Cervantes will be part of the Portland Grand Floral Parade.

The 2017 Queen of Rosaria will be crowned in June.


Photo By Catherine Le


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