“The System” put into effect

By Kaleb Gebremedhin

Staff Writer

With an introduction of a new playing style under their new coaches, the girls’ basketball team  found struggles and successes with their 3-5 preseason record.

The new playing style, “The System,” is aggressive and fast.

In regards to defense, The System is a full-court press that consists of constant trapping, with the goal to cause turnovers.

The Broncos average 23.8 steals per game, which is higher than the national average. They are ranked first in 5A for most steals per game.

The System offensively is a fast tempo style of basketball, varying with a run and gun method and an attempt towards making more 3-point field goals.

Averaging 50.6 points per game and 34.4 rebounds per game, Parkrose is also the second-highest scoring team for 5A.

Junior and team captain Karen Gonzalez said, “The System offensively is going great because it encourages all the other players to shoot, and it isn’t an individual thing — it’s a team.”

Gonzalez also said that The System revolves around pressing and stopping their opponents from scoring.

Some players approve of the system while some girls dislike it but acknowledge the significance. Offense is designed in a way to favor certain shooters. The remaining girls are there to assist that specific shooter.

This then allows only a handful of girls score and rack up points.

Sophomore Kae Delgado said The System is very effective defensively.

Delgado said, “I think the team is adjusting to the defensive side great, and it’s a lot of going hard for that time you get and making the most of it.”

Another viewpoint comes from sophomore Lola Moeaki. She brings up pros and cons of the strategy.

Moeaki said, “‘The System is going pretty well. The more we played with The System, the better we got used to it. It’s going nearly perfect on defense. Trapping is going really well and our steals are up there. Some of the cons would be coming out of the game really quickly.”

Parkrose defeated St. Helens 67-55 in overtime on Jan. 25. Senior Jewel Boland had 32 points, 10 rebounds, six steals, and four assists.

On Jan. 27, the girls’ varsity team would have lost to Milwaukie 56-59, but they won by forfeit because Milwaukie had a player on JV who also swang for varsity. She played seven quarters, but the limit is six.

With an overall record of 4-11, ranked at number 26 in 5A, Parkrose now has the rest of the season ahead of them to keep the momentum going.

The Broncos next play at Sandy on Feb. 3.


Photo By Samantha Jaimes


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