Representing Parkrose on the field and the court

By Tayaja Lovato and Chynoa Mounts

Staff Writer

After a variety of obstacles, the cheer team has been dedicating their time and effort into getting things back into a routine.  The team got to show how much their hard work has been paying off at competition, bringing home a win Dec. 10.

Senior and cheer captain Marra Luster said, “I’m looking forward to hitting the routine because we have been practicing it so much.”

The team has also gotten smaller during the year, and, as a result, there are different formations. They are now performing routines during halftime at basketball home games, so, correspondingly, more routines are learned and perfected. The team masters about 50 cheers, and they pick up  about 2-3 routines a month.

Basketball season is unlike football season.

“It’s a completely different atmosphere,” junior Avery Flowers said.

During football season their main focus was their cheers and routines. Now, during basketball season, not only is there a focus on cheering at basketball games indoors, but there’s also a focus on competition routines. There are now two split teams: the team that cheers and travels to all games and the competition team, which competes every Saturday.

“It’s a lot going on at once, and it really tests our abilities as a team,” Flowers said.

This season has been a little difficult with numerous people quitting the team. The majority had busy schedules, and the conflict that creates with school, sports and social responsibilities.  Some had also noted that they weren’t enjoying the sport anymore, but they had good memories and met such great people.

Senior Hannah McKee had been on the team since she was a freshman and recently decided to leave the team. She said she recognized that she needed to take care of herself and just wasn’t having fun anymore, but walking away was really hard.

“I have many good memories, though. As a team we’ve been through so many ups and downs. I try to always remember those good moments and will always be thankful that I was a part of that team,” McKee said.          

According to Flowers, remaining team members have been putting in hard work and coming to all of the practices.

“Quitting is a part of every sport, so it really isn’t anything that’s new or exclusive to cheer,” Flowers said.


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