Staying Sparrow strong for Benjamin

By Lexi Calarruda and Bianney Resendez-Zaragoza

Staff Writers

On Oct. 20, Parkrose Middle School students gathered in an assembly to welcome Benjamin Bobosky, their eleventh and newest Sparrow, for the 2016-2017 school year.

“Helping him just makes him happier, and I would rather see people happy than sad,” eighth grader Dylan Nguyen said with enthusiasm.

Nguyen is a student council member and is determined to help 2-year-old Bobosky.

With the help of the middle school students, the family plans to have a wheelchair ramp built for Bobosky to help him enter his home with easier access.

Bobosky was born 31 weeks before his due date on Feb. 28, 2014, weighing only three pounds and two ounces. He had a brain bleed called Intraventricular Hemorrhage. The injury affects his brain and ability to communicate with his muscles of his body.

As a result of the hemorrhage, Bobosky also has Hydrocephalus, more commonly known as water on the brain. Hydrocephalus obstructs of the flow of spinal cord fluid, creating swelling and dangerous pressure on the brain.

In August 2015, Ben was diagnosed with Spastic Quadriplegic Cerebral Palsy, and this makes it so that he is unable to sit or stand on his own without falling. His family doesn’t know if he will be able to walk on his own.

Through everything, Parkrose Sparrow Club coordinator and middle school teacher Laura Queen, said that he is a happy and bright boy with a big smile.

Queen said that she was basically a puddle on the floor when she met him. Queen was sold, and Benjamin was chosen as the Sparrow.
As with the ten previous medically-fragile Sparrow children adopted by the school, students met their Sparrow at an assembly.

By adopting Bobosky as their Sparrow for the year, students at Parkrose Middle School pledge to raise money for the  Bobosky family through fundraisers and sponsored community service hours.

For every hour of community service completed by students, 10 dollars go directly towards helping the Bobosky family.

“Our goal is to help the family both emotionally and financially,” Queen said.

The money for community service hours comes from sponsors. The dollars from sponsor money only goes to the Bobosky family after students complete community service hours.

“When the students said they would help raise money for our family, I felt completely overwhelmed with gratitude,” Benjamin’s mother, Rebecca Bobosky, said at the Sparrow assembly. “We felt so loved by the whole school community.”

The family said they felt touched by how Parkrose Middle School opened up their arms to embrace Benjamin, and how the students are going to dedicate their time to raise money for him.


Photo By Pavel Nikitin


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