Making the Rose lit again

By Karina Patel and Hayley Windon

Features Editors

Jacquelyn Anderson has many things to balance in her life. From teaching four English classes, being an activities director, and finding time for herself, the 25-year-old teacher keeps busy.

Anderson, who has worked at Parkrose High School for four years as an English teacher, has just recently become the Activities director after the previous activities director, Mike Verhulst, took an opportunity to teach business at Seaside High School.

As activities director, Anderson advises the Bronco Leadership class in planning school events such as assemblies, dances and spirit nights.

At the end of the last school year, those interested in filling Verhulst’s position as activities director applied. Anderson was approached by Verhulst, who thought  she might be interested. Anderson created a proposal, was interviewed by a panel of students and teachers, and taught a lesson on Homecoming to the Parkrose leadership class. At the end of the process, Anderson was chosen to fill the spot.

Senior Hannah McKee, who has been in Leadership for four years, has seen many changes since Verhulst left.

According to McKee, the leadership class has switched to focusing on representing the entire student body. Although it’s been challenging with new people joining this year, it’s been a good experience so far, McKee said.

There has also been a new approach to tackling the  planning of events. Everyone in the class is split up into 5 sub-committees: School Spirit, Events, Assemblies, Bronco Army and Public Relations. One member of Executive Council is the head of each committee.

Anderson said that her role has been difficult because it is new. With hundreds of students looking at her and having to keep things going, she feels the pressure of anything going wrong.

“That first assembly that we had, we had to stay in the gym for an extra 30 minutes, so I just had to think of what to do on the top of my head. It was wild. I was sweating. I had to lay down at the end. I was so stressed out… It is stressful, but it is work that’s worth doing to me,” Anderson said.

Anderson said that she wanted to become an activities director because she wanted to do something to change the whole school for the better. Her hope is to have an influence on all students, not only the 200 students she has in her classroom every year.

“My main goal for the year is to make the Rose lit again,” Anderson said. “I want to improve the school spirit and make kids feel proud to go to Parkrose High School.”


Photo By Annie Vong


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