First place and farewells

By Tayaja Lovato

Staff Writer

Despite the doubters and disbelievers, work ethic and pushing past the obstacles resulted in the dance team taking home first place at their competition on Nov. 5 at David Douglas High School. Other schools doubted Parkrose’s chances at success due to a change in the coaching staff, but the team pulled through with the win.

This year brings changes for the dance team. It will be a farewell year for all three captains. After this year’s team captains graduate, leadership roles will be left to be filled.

Sophomore Ben Nguyen said, “We are still trying to deal with that. They are such a big part of the team and bring so much support and energy.”

Even though the seniors’ impending graduation is bringing the team a lot of emotions, younger dancers aspire to continue the legacy of the team.

“We will continue to hold up the expectation everyone has for us,” Nguyen said.

The Parkrose Elite Dance has been known for placing in the top three at state in previous years: 1996, 2001, 2010, 2011, and 2014.

Last year at state, the team placed fourth.

Senior and team captain Sophia Nguyen, sheds light on the growth of the team as a whole. 

“We went from doing one routine for fall season last year, to three routines this year,” Sophia Nguyen said. “It’s a big change, but it’s going well.”

At the recent competition at David Douglas, the dancers performed two routines rather than one. Coming back this year stronger than ever, they won first place in modern at the competition. However, the announcers got the placing messed up for the modern category, and instead of getting an award for fourth place, they announced that the team got third. The team was understanding and was pleased to give back the award because they were happy with their first in modern. The awards didn’t stop at the team as a whole. Sophomore Akimi Bledsoe and freshman Rosina Delgado got in top 10 drill down for novice drill down, and Sophia Nguyen made it into the top 10 drill down in advanced drill down.

Sophia Nguyen also said that the sophomores have improved a lot since last year. Even though last year was a little hectic with new members, she claims that the new dancers have improved immensely since tryouts.

At the Clackamas competition, the team placed first in modern and contemporary and third in hip hop. During the awards, the announcers had another mess up, and announced the team got second in contemporary. On the bus, the team was made aware that they had actually placed first. Despite the several mistakes made during the awards, the team is still grateful for their wins.

Team captain senior Ashley Cha said, “I’m very proud of my team and what we have already accomplished, I can’t wait for next competition. We are ready.”

The team will compete at state on March 17 and 18 at the Veterans Memorial Coliseum.


Photo By Ryan Ford


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