Leading with experience and encouragement

The girls’ soccer team captains have spent this season working as leaders to support their team during difficult times

By Catherine Le
Asst. Editor-in-Chief

This season, girls’ soccer has been working towards redeveloping their team. With a small mix of newcomers and experienced players, the team is learning to adjust and connect more as a family.  Despite losses, they remain positive on the field.
“We still preserved, stayed as a team. [We were] strong,  confident, and just had fun. That’s the only thing we could do,” senior Jewel Boland said.
Boland, the team captain, has been playing soccer for 12 years. Her responsibilities as captain are to be at every practice and encourage her teammates even through rough times.
Boland said she is proud of the teammates for not suffering as many injuries as they did in the previous year. This year, they only dealt with several minor concussions and other minor injuries.
The other captains are juniors Karen Gonzalez and Lola LeBreton. This is Gonzalez’s and Le Breton’s first year as captains. Gonzalez has been playing soccer since she was eight, and Le Breton for 11 years.
“My goal this season was to play more of a team sport rather than an individual sport,” Gonzalez said.
As a captain, LeBreton said she strives to be a supportive leader to her players and help them continue to improve their skills. Her personal goal as a player is to become a better defender.
Recently, the girls’ team went on a weekend retreat to a beach house in Pacific City.
“This year’s soccer retreat was lit,” Gonzalez said. “We bonded together as a team, and it brought us closer together like a family.”


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