Great again or stronger together?

By Henry Pastorino

Staff Writer

On Nov. 8, 2016, the 45th president will be elected, replacing current President Barack Obama. The 2016 presidential election has been unusual, to say the least. The current nominees include former Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, and Donald Trump, a “successful” business owner.
Clinton, the Democratic nominee with years of political experience, announced her campaign in 2015. As first lady, Clinton worked to support health and children’s rights. During her time as Secretary of State, she had her sets of email scandals, yet she continued to accomplish her goals.
Then there’s Trump, the Republican nominee with years of business experience. Some may say that he is successfully running his businesses, such as Trump Golf, a golfing resort. Or that he just likes branding things with his name on it, like Trump Hotel, Trump International Realty, Trump Winery and Trump Corporate.
The business world is vastly different from the political world. The regulations and goals are very different. If Trump ran the U.S. government like one of his business deals, it would leave our country at a loss.
“He’s a businessman, which may be good for America, but his company has been bankrupt. I think three times now,” senior Tieonna Jenkins said.                With no political experience, Trump believes that he can “make America great again.” No matter how much backlash he receives from social media and other candidates, Trump is stubborn enough to continue.
There’s a great difference between Clinton’s and Trump’s views on things. Clinton has a clear standpoint on the topic of immigration, and Trump has the most ignorant standpoint.
Trump’s views on immigration are what you call a “little old-fashioned.” Although he wants to promote legal immigration, Trump plans to build a physical “impenetrable” wall, and he wants Mexico to pay for it. Like that’s not arrogant enough, he also plans to brand his name on it.
“If he wants the wall built, he should pay for it, but I don’t think there should be a wall because even if there was a wall,  people would still find a way to come to America… they’re just going to find other ways to get here,”  Jenkins said.
Clinton’s immigration standpoints vastly differ from Trump’s. As it says on the Clinton’s official campaign website, she wants immigration policy to “stay true to our fundamental American values: that we are a nation of immigrants, and we treat those who come to our country with dignity and respect-and we embrace immigrants, not denigrate them.”
For new voters, the presidential election must be a daunting decision, and a lot of younger voters probably will not vote at all. It’s understandable. Neither Trump nor Clinton is a great choice. It’s like choosing between mayonnaise and mustard. Sure, one is better, but do you really want it?
But for some unknown reason, some people really do want Trump to be president. No matter how inconsistent his views on abortion, immigration, and education are, there are those who do see him in office.
People don’t realize that that inconsistency might be dealing with nuclear bombs, or the next world war. Trump is confusing, and he probably doesn’t even realize that he’s contradicting himself most of the time.
Spanish teacher Jeanette Zuniga-Lee wories about how Trump would represent the country.
“I think some people have a hard time trusting what he will do if elected. He’s a bit impulsive, so some fear that he may say something or do something that puts us in a very awkward position around the world.” Zuniga-Lee said.
A very, very awkward position. Recently, a conversation between Trump and Billy Bush was leaked to the public. Trump degrades women in the conversation, yet he claims that he has huge respect for them.
But Trump wasn’t the only candidate to have private information leaked. Around the same time, more of Clinton’s email scandals were leaked by WikiLeaks.
Both candidates have shown America that they can be unreliable and not trustworthy. Even during debates, the two are constantly poking at each other like children. However, it’s clear who is willing to run the country with dignity, and it’s clear who just craves the attention.


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